Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 20 (Part 2)

The past two days since TheCall have been filled with farewells, a banquet, a church service, a couple of team meals and many many tears. I have been busier than I thought, but I will attempt to describe Day 20 and the day of TheCall. I may do it in small segments as the days were filled with so many unforgettable moments. I will definitely never be the same...

Day 20

We felt as a team Day 20 held a significant finish line for us as it was the last long mileage day and the last day without schedules and cameras. We were to do approximately 9 miles. The route took us through many low income areas and very busy streets as we were well into Dallas city limits. Many of our friends and fans came out to cheer us on. (warning: rather emotional content ahead)

My sister was one of them. I have dedicated this walk to her, her incredible story of fighting for babies, and little Richy. I have stood helplessly beside her for 12 years watching her go in and out of hospitals holding fragile infants and endure countless hours of just waiting. Waiting in her times of bed rest. Waiting in Neonatal Intensive Care. Waiting to hear Richy breathe AGAIN. Waiting in the ER as he is examined by a neurologist AGAIN.. Waiting for Richy to see. Waiting for Richy to walk. Waiting for the twins. Waiting for hope. Waiting for the grief to lift. Waiting for Toby. Waiting for Brynn. Waiting while raising the money to adopt a baby. Waiting for Tristan to be born. Waiting to take him home. And waiting for her heart to be healed. Her entire journey is about the value of the life, in and out of the womb. As a sister who has had very little grief in comparison to hers, I have felt helpless and unqualified to offer her true comfort. She once told me it is sometimes more helpful for me to just sit quietly than to try to console her with words I do not truly understand. I have told her countless times, she is my hero. She is brave, patient, resilient, and incredibly determined. And she's just getting started.

She often says she does not feel like a hero, but I think she should ask her children. Her determination has allowed them to experience life on earth. Who has enough courage to have a special needs child, 2 children close in age, AND adopt a baby? She is an inspiration to many including myself.
So my patient endurance of over 400 miles of training, 250 miles of open road, 80 hours of walking, and over 400,000 steps were dedicated to her. My purpose was to pray for the ending of abortion but my motivation was my memory of a picture of the twins after they were born. Life begins the moment of conception. It is a human. It deserves life. And every life has value.

When I rounded the corner around mile 6, I saw someone waiting up ahead. As I got closer I realized it was her. All the miles and pain I had endured disappeared in a moment as I saw her face. There she was, my last day of pushing through endless miles, cheering me on. I was leading the line so I didn't have time to weep, but a significant part of my journey was complete at that moment.

I love you Jessica. And I'm so glad you are who you are. May we continue fighting together to see the ending of abortion and may our lives on earth echo through the halls of heaven.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

DAY 20!!

Another day, that felt like three in one!
The Day in pictures:

Last day for this look!

Praying for Laura
Dallas looms!

My inspiration!

Canada's Esther!

LIFE friends cheering us on!

My support system!

My posse!

Tearful finish line
Singin in the hood!
Esther chant!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days 17/18

Oh my goodness! It is so difficult to capture the past two days in words. So much has happened that it feels like everyday is about three. 

On Day 17 we had the incredible honor to be visited by the head of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network and his team of intercessors.  The have been working on so many issues in prayer in Texas for decades. They have been watching the Walk and covering us faithfully in prayer. The Lord began speaking to them about the significance of the team entering into Dallas county. They felt that we are carrying authority through our journey and needed a prayer of commissioning to ensure our safety and victory as we enter. As they were driving to Ennis, where the team was staying they passed the Dallas county line. As they passed the line, 5 intercessors saw a wall of angels waiting for us when we cross! They also informed us that there are over 10,000 intercessors praying for us that they know of in Texas alone! Wow.

The service was powerful and sobering. We truly felt the weight of the coming generations on our shoulders as we accepted the seriousness of the matter we will address on Friday at the federal court. The intercessors feel that we are a significant part of a journey they have been addressing for years and that the Lord has promised us victory that RoevWade will be overturned. 

Day 18
As we we began our day today, we noticed some high chances of rain. So we decided to get an early start on the day to attempt to beat the rain. As we crossed the line into Dallas county, singing and declaring LIFE broke out. It was a tremendously significant moment for all of us. So many months of preparation, countless hours of walking, endless prayers and tears.... over 200 miles down and 20 left. To see that sign was so moving as it represents the beginning of the finish line. I think like an athlete, so to be so close to the goal is incredibly exhilarating.
Here we are singing.

As we began chanting LIFE, an echo began reverberating back to us so loud that it started many of the girls. 
You can see this clearly in the video.

And then, an hour or so later after we crossed, the most dangerous outbreak of tornadoes in 30 years occurs in Dallas. We were on the bus headed to the hotel when Nate called and said get off the highway now and take cover!  We started to exit at a Flying J truck stop when suddenly the bus driver said, "I want to go to the next exit, I never have liked that truck stop."  We went two more miles to a "Loves" truck stop to take shelter.  The Flying J received some of the worst damage in the city!  It was a harrowing experience as we somehow got separated from our security guy and most of the staff. 

We have been miraculously protected multiple times during this journey.  I dare say heaven is watching us and the atmosphere is being shifted!