Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Tribute of Thanks

I could not have endeavored to take on such an undertaking without incredible support from my family and friends. Obviously, the commitment that I made 9 months ago affected so many people in my life. The sacrifice of many in so many ways made it possible for me to pursue my dream. Although a simple thank you is not enough, please accept it as a small token of my appreciation. I could not have done this without YOU!

 To all intercessors - thank you for standing in the gap for me!!
All financial supporters - Thank you! Every donation was so appreciated.

Jeanna - thank you for being my walking buddy, my cheer leader, buying my first pair of running pants, watching my kids, and praying for me continually! This has been an incredible journey together.

Sandra League - my muscles thank you!

Amber - you added your sweet ( clean ) touch. Thank you!

Valarie and Gina - thank you for taking care of my little people!

Georgia - thank you for trips to the school and multiple sleepovers of little Nelson's!

Kelly - thank you for your prayer support, love, friendship and delectable bath salts!

Laura - thank you for all of my amazing athletic equipment!

Layla -  um.... Way too much to say..... Indebted to you for life.

Connie - thank you for my organic power bars. I think of you every time I walk!

Jessica - thank you for media support, but most of all thank you for living your life for all too see. You are my inspiration and my greatest hero. You, R2, the twins and Tristan are with me every step I take. This endeavor is a tribute to your journey. I love you.

Carol - thank you for caring for the small reproductions of myself that have boundless energy!

Mom - thank you for healthy meals which take multiple hours to prepare, countless trips to the grocery store, folded laundry, watching the kids, and sleepless nights of whispered prayers on my behalf. But mostly thank you for having the courage to break the silence and releasing me into my destiny. You have invested decades into so that I would shine for such a time as this. I stand on your shoulders as a forerunner and and in the beside you as a contender in the spirit. Thank you.

Nate - thank you for countless hours of serving and sharing me in so many ways, agreeing to join me in the 21 days, giving up date nights so that I could rest, spending money on taking care of my body, walking with me at 5:30 am, and giving up fast food, with me (?). But most of all, thank you for letting me truly be who I am. Thank you for allowing me to fully pursue my destiny with focused intensity that occasionally lends to radicalism....thank you for being patient when I am more Warrior than Wife. Thank you for never holding me back. You are my Mordecai. I love you.


  1. I love you too! Go get it! <3

  2. Tearfully indebted to your courage, tenacity, valor.
    I am with you and there just aren't words this morning.

    You wear His cloak, and I am so glad that I got to catch a
    glimpse of that! Cloaks, that is. There's more than one.

    May the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead quicken your mortal body, and may you wax even more valiant fearless and impassioned though this temporary light affliction test and try you.

    I love you my sister and my friend and my comrade.