Thursday, March 22, 2012

Days 5,6

Day 5

Yesterday was an emotional day for me.  As I was finishing mile 10, I received a call that my mom had been in a car accident in Dallas. Thankfully, she is doing great!  Thank you to all who were praying faithfully!
My mom is joining the 21-day prayer effort hosted by the Dallas House of Prayer, which coincides with the walk and leads up to the Esther Call.  She is serving faithfully in the day-time, where they had a need for more intercessors.  So not only is she covering me in prayer continually, but she is participating in the city-wide prayer effort happening in Dallas!  So even after a very serious car accident yesterday, she was back in the prayer room this morning!  She is also continually updating all my prayer support!  This is an incredible gift, and I appreciate her support more than words can say!
All is well!

Day 6

Today was another 12-miler!  My blisters are beginning to heal  turn to callouses.  It's the least amount of pain I've had so far...we've also had the least amount of injuries as a team today.  Our bodies are beginning to adapt to walking four hours everyday!
70 down, 162 to go!

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