Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 8

So there seems to barely be enough time in the day to take care of all the things you have to do continually as a backtolifemovement walker. Taking supplements, taping your feet, drinking constantly to prevent dehydration, going to the bathroom repeatedly since you are drinking continually, walking 4+ hours, stretching, eating, and.....sleeping.

Here is a day in the life...

8:00 am.    Wake up. Take supplements. Begin prepping feet for wrapping. Get dressed.
8:30.           Breakfast.
9:00.           Morning devotionals. Tape, cover with lubricant, and wrap feet.
9:45.           Warm up stretch
10:00.        Get on bus. Apply sunscreen, lip balm, hat and sunglasses.
11:00.         Begin walking.
12:00.         Walk
1:00.           Walk.
2:00.           Walk
3:00.            Um......
3:30 ish.      Get on bus.
4:00.           Stretch again. 45 minutes.
5:00.           Soak in Epsom salt.
5:30.           Eat. (we are burning approximately 1200 cal/daily)
6:30.           Get stuff ready for tomorrow.
7:30.           Take evening supplements. Ice injuries.
9:00.           Remind yourself why you are walking 274 miles....
9:30.           SLEEP!!!   

Last visit with kids...they're off to Tulsa with Nana and Papa!

Just the basics...


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  1. Thank you for sharing, Leah! Wow what a trooper you are! How is our little sister Mistie doing?

    I will check in again soon!

    Onward Christian soldier!