Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 3

Today was an incredible experience.  I saw my city like never before as we walked from the southern end of The Woodlands all the way through Conroe!  It was so great to have my friends, family, and supporters come out to cheer me on!
Today's highlight...seeing Kai and Anila for the first time since Thursday!
The Woodlands
4 hours later

Pat and Jennifer
Wendy and Jenn

Nik, Adrian, and EMBER!

Miles to go....
(Not pictured, but loved! Jeanna and Pam, Micah, and all made my day!)
(Special thanks to Kelly Taylor for providing handmade bath salts for the walkers, and Meg Comstock for stopping by and giving massages to the walkers!!!!)

And finally, if you missed my interview on the BackToLife webstream on Day 1 of the walk, here it is!

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