Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 14

We begin the day every morning with devotions and worship. This morning the Lord had something special in mind. Many of the women are post abortive and are in various stages of healing. Some have been silent for decades, while some have more recent scars of loss. All have been forgiven and washed by the blood of Jesus, but few are completely free from condemnation and shame. One woman began sharing this morning of an encounter she had with Jesus during our walk yesterday. She received divine revelation of the powerful and beautiful mercy of Jesus and accepted the grace to forgive herself. Through the utterance her revelation, it began to set other women free. The Holy Spirit did what He loves to do when He is free to breathe on the human heart and began surgery. One by one, the women opened the door of their heart to the One who says, " Woman, where are your accusers now? " As the women began mourning the loss of babies they would never hold, some grieving for the first time, we held each other and wept with those who wept, and mourned with those who mourn. As a whole, we entered into pain, loss, regret, and suffering. We repented on behalf of the church, who does not know how to help the women trapped in fearful silence. We repented on behalf of mothers who did not help their daughters become mothers but pressured them into the termination of pregnancy. We repented on behalf of the men who did not honor them as women and become fathers to their babies. We repented on behalf of family and friends who do not know what to do with the honest confession and choose to pretend it never happened instead. And we received the sweet presence of the Great Healer, who alone can fill this place in their hearts.

Then, we laced our shoes and walked in silence, in honor of babies and siblings that we will never meet in this life. Through walking in the pain, we were acknowledging that these brave women are making a way for thousands to come behind them into healing and freedom. These women chose not to stay silent behind the shame and grief, but to live their lives out loud in front of the nation. They chose not to stay in the safe comfort of home, but to become a prophet to the nation through testifying of the inconceivable redeeming power of what JESUS did at the CROSS. They chose not to believe the voice of the accuser, but to trust in the scandalous mercy of the loving Father who loves to forget. They will each unashamedly share their story on our webcast and believe that in living rooms across America, the truth of their words will pierce the hearts of women hiding behind walls of shame and regret. We believe as this sound of freedom is released over the air waves, it will BREAK the power of deception and release the power of TRUTH!

God, release a moral outcry from the women of this nation to beak our covenant with death and save the unborn of tomorrow!!!

As you can imagine, it was difficult to walk 13 miles after the emotional journey of the morning. We all felt much heavier and physically tired than we had so far. But what I love about that is that this journey is costing me something. I can not expect to walk this trail of tears on behalf of 54 million babies and it not be painful. I count it honor to shed every tear, wrap every blister, and lift my foot every step.


  1. leah! this made me cry!!! thanks so much!!!!! i have more to say, but I can just walk over and tell you! haha

  2. Thank you, Leah. Words seem so lame to me right now, but I cried as I read as well.

    The thing that is so beautiful to me right now, is the fact that God is a restorer. He makes all things beautiful, and He is so many splendoured that all the facets could take so long to examine. But we do, and we are, and as we do, we are healed.

    I cannot wait to see your triumphal entry into Dallas. The tears, the laughter, and the triumph will be so glorious.

    Love you more than ever!