Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 12

  Today was a "move" day, meaning we loaded our bags this morning before our walk, and then go to a new town for the next couple of nights.  The last three nights we have been in Centerville, and today moved to Fairfield.  A small Assembly of God church "hosted" us in Centerville.  The church was just a few hundred feet down the "feeder road" from the hotel, which worked out perfect, because there was no meeting room for meals or stretching at the tiny hotel.  They fed us, did our laundry, and served us continually as we walked!  This morning, as we were about to leave, the Pastor and his wife anointed our feet and prayed for us.  It was moving and beautiful.

  As we faced another 12-mile day, I decided to change tactics of how to conquer the mileage.  Typically the walkers tend to separate into the fast(er) and not-so-fast walkers.  It has been a challenge to keep everyone "happy" as we have so many fitness levels represented.  I've been concerned about the morale of those walkers who typically finish at the end of the group.  So I challenged the team with Philippians 2 and to "think of others as more highly than yourselves" and change their places in the line.  We honored the girls who generally finish last and allowed them to finish first!  It was a lesson in humility for some, and a feeling of victory for others.  It was all worth it to see the smiles at the end of the day!

Not quite...look again!

Nate thinks this is taking awhile!

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  1. Great idea to switch up the walkers!