Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 11

Here are a couple of video updates.  Sorry about being a day late; the internet has been a bit unavailable in some small towns!

In other news, I DID end up taking an ice bath.  (Nate encouraged me by standing there and laughing.)  The first two minutes were comparable to labor pains...I endured for five minutes.

Our prayer focus today was on the hearings at the Supreme Court concerning Obamacare and the abortion provisions contained within.  We have been praying for righteousness and truth to prevail in the government of our nation.  I find it amazing that there was no way to predict or plan that we would be walking at the same time this law is being reviewed.  The Supreme Court agreed to hear this case in November (2011), but the walk has been planned for well over a year now!  I believe heaven is hearing our prayers!!!

(Also, I say "Day 10" in the video, but really it's Day 11...)

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