Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 10

Today, as a team, we covered 18 miles!  Knowing that we needed to make up some miles, I decided (as personal trainer) to break our team in to relays.  So we divided into three groups and did six miles each.  Today was also the day with the most hills which made even six miles challenging.  However, we managed to cover the distance in five hours.  There are 11 days to go, and we still need to average 12 miles/day to reach our goal!
My job as personal trainer for the team can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.  Our goal was to have a full-time nurse or physical therapist with us on the walk.  But since that didn't happen, I am serving as all three!  This includes assessing injuries, taping/wrapping feet and ankles, examining blisters, massaging muscles, and other various needs of 38 women!  I am relying on God's grace and wisdom to address these needs!  But I am learning a lot, and loving the challenge!
Last night, the entire team got to be treated by chiropractors who drove in from Dallas.  They are a team of Christians who believe in what we are doing, and will visit us 3-4 more times before the walk is done!  This was a great blessing...just in time for the hills we faced today.
Tomorrow, some of the girls have an opportunity to take an "ice bath" provided by one of the coaches here (a member of the host church).  I'm gonna pass...I'll let you know how it goes for the others!

Yesterday, one of our prayer points was government, and voting.  Here is Nate on the 5:00 pm webstream talking about Vote4LIFE!

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