Saturday, February 18, 2012

A COLD day in KC!!

trEd recently made a trip to Kansas City.  While we were there, I was able to walk three consecutive days in the COLD!  One day, all the KC BacktoLIFE walkers got together for our walk and we sent the following video to our director Laura!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

So I faced a few challenges this week. Rain. Fatigue. Last week, I did 26 miles in three days. That is a marathon! The milage requirements have increased so that I need to be doing this every weekend until the Walk. We have six weeks left! I have definitely noticed that the recovery time is taking longer now before I feel rested again. To add to it, trEd is now rehearsing again regularly. This means 3 dance classes a week plus rehearsal. So yesterday I did 4 miles and then danced for 3 hours. ( with steel pipes in my hand!)

I love the challenge and I love dancing, but I am definitely sleepier! Let's just say that our homeschooling schedule which is generally regimented, has been a bit more relaxed. Usually on a typical morning, the kids have gotten dressed, made their beds, brushed their teeth, had breakfast and done handwriting by 9:00. We start Bible at 9:00. But last week I slept in. As Kai tried to raise me, I said sleepily from under my pillow, " Get your chores done!" When I got up, I felt a little more rested but was definitely looking for my coffee. I expected to go downstairs to find my two sweet little angels quietly doing their handwriting with their breakfast dishes washed......

It was strangely quiet in the kitchen. So I came back upstairs to look in their room. There they were. Room trashed. Pjs intact. Empty Bellies. Hair sticking up. And the complete set of Monster Trucks set out in a grand duel taking place far from the Land of Handwriting.... Sigh.

Yesterday, I had to do 4-6 miles. It was raining all day. At this point in my training, I know that the more I do now, the easier it will be then. So I had to go in the rain. It is one thing to be out and get caught in the rain. But quite another to step into rain to begin your workout. So I grabbed a rain vest that belonged to Nate and was way too big and faced it. Anila, Kai, and Layla cheered me on with," You can do it!".

Strangely, I loved it. I love facing a new challenge head on and accomplishing it. I also discovered that once your shoes are soaked, you no longer dodge every puddle. You just keep your head down and keep going. It is amazing to know all over the nation, there are 38 other women facing the same challenges I am and are setting their face like flint. Every time I want to quit or skip a workout, I think of the unborn. They keep me going. Their chance for survival increases through my prayers that I offer up with every step I take. In the rain. In the exhaustion. In the dark.

Someone said recently, that with every step we take during the 250 miles, we cover two and a half abortions in prayer. Every step. Although I cant see what I'm doing in the spirit, I know it will make a difference. What an honor. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever hear a " Thank you!" on this side of heaven.