Monday, January 9, 2012

So today was a 10 mile day. I walk 3-4 days only 4 miles and then a high mileage day once a week. So on Saturdays I have to walk the longest. I also had a webinar to listen to for the Walk. Due to the fact that the girls are spread out all over the United States (we have one in Alaska!), we have webinars twice a month. We hear from key leaders in the Body that have an anointing for Justice. This also helps with building community, as many of us have never met. It is amazing to think we are attempting something so massive with people we don't know. But conversely, we will know each other VERY well in just a short time.

I know this is going to be a life-changing experience and that life-long relationships will be made. I feel prepared on some ways and also know there will be things that happen that I could never prepare for. Sometimes fear begins to creep in when I think about my name being released to the media, or our stories being aired over the nation. But then an assurance that I KNOW this is part of my destiny washes over me and overcomes the fear. Also, I know you guys are out there supporting and praying for me!! This is definitely a huge source of assurance!

So as I embarked on my walk, I decided to listen to the teaching as I walked. Multitasking. I knew the webinar was two hours and I had approximately two and a half hours of walking to do. The key to walking such long distances is my GPS. It tells me how far I have gone, how fast I'm walking, and shows me a map of where I am. GPS didn't work simultaneously with the webinar! But I didn't discover this until 45 min of walking! Arghhh! How far had I gone? I picked a new path as well, so couldn't use past walks to figure it out. So I restarted it. Meanwhile, I was listening to a teaching by Will Ford about feminist roots in America and its demonic connection to abortion. It was shocking and powerful to learn how intrinsic the enemy’s plans are. He taught Biblically on the demonic influences throughout the ages and how we are being influenced currently. Needless to say, I was enthralled. I walked another 30 min and then it shut off again! So by now I had to completely estimate how much mileage I had covered by the time had been walking. Was it 3 miles? 5 miles? Pretty important detail when you nave to do 10... Then I lost service and got cut off of the conference call. I had to call Nate, ask him for the number and password, call in and get reconnected. Then my phone died......arghhhhhh.

Super frustrating to a type A.
So I had to stop at home to recharge my phone. Then I got hungry. So I had to eat....

Long story short, I ate, recharged my phone, waited two hours, changed my socks, walked another hour and 15 min and met my family at the park. Aggravation and pounding feet eased by wonderful little smiles. Happy ending to a frustrating day.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 1

I began this journey sometime in April in my heart. I have shared with you the amazing process that led me here. Painful, surprising, enlightening, empowering, inspiring, and heartbreaking. I feel both like I have discovered something about myself that I never knew was there but that I knew all along... A sibling I have never met. Yet the reason I feel no choice but to fight for the unborn. Justice. Yet more. A mantle.

So for this reason I have undertaken a huge task that is both daunting and inspiring. I believe prayer moves the heavens. I believe moving the heavens changes history. And I am a history maker. History is not changed by the fearful but by the courageous. So I face the impossible. To see Roe v Wade overturned. Is it possible? Will my life make a difference?

" The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person doing it." Chinese Proverb

I began the physical journey sometime in July. Although I am very fit, I have never pursued a sport other than dancing for a long period of time. So as I began reading, I realized it was going to take me 3 months just to be able to walk 12 miles the first time! You have to slowly build stamina not only in your large muscles but in the small ones as well to protect you from injury. So each week you slowly build milage. At first, I was proud of completing 3 miles but now that is a warmup! The other surprising challenge I have discovered is the mental focus it takes to go long distances. After the second hour has passed, you begin desperately searching for something to distract you from the remaining time you still have to go. I am not a patient person so this has been quite a challenge as well.

So last week I completed my first 12 miles! I was in Tulsa visiting Nate's family so I knew I would not be familiar with my route. I have a GPS on my phone which prevents me from getting lost and tracks my miles. But I have found having to complete a couple of loops is much more difficult mentally than finding one long route. But I figured I would have to do at least one loop so that I didn't venture too far from the house. It was about 48 degrees so I had to stay warm and try not to wear to many layers at the same time. The last walk of 10 miles took me 2 and a half hours so I knew to estimate 3 hours. I set out feeling excited about the challenge and full of energy ( it helped that I had homemade pancakes by Carol!).

The first hour went by easy. Typical as this is now my shortest walk and I do it several times a week. I had a great time with the Lord as I listened to worship music and prayed. I even ran a couple of miles to speed a few miles up. Around 6 miles I finished my first loop and stopped at Nate's parents and grabbed a power bar as I was getting hungry. Everything went fine until close to 9 miles. All of a sudden I lost all momentum and my legs started hurting and my feet seem to feel every step as if I was walking barefoot. The wall. I started glancing at my clock every few minutes and lost all focus. I still had 3 miles to go and that takes 45 min! The pain in my legs and every muscles was now radiating up my legs and requiring strong mental focus to push through. Should I stop and try 12 miles tomorrow? No. I knew I had to just get it done. The hardest time is the first because you have never proven to yourself that you can do it. So I forced myself to put one foot in front of the other.

I decided to call Nate. I knew he was free to join me and finish the last 2 miles. It took him half an hour to finish what he was doing and join me. By now I was breathing hard and groaning from the pain. Crazy! I am just WALKING!!! Come on! I wanted to quit so bad! So we talked about things to distract me. As we came close to the house I was at 11.33 miles. Close enough? Finish now? No. I knew I would be mad at myself if my distance did not say 12 miles! So we had to do one more small loop around his block. I found my momentum and finished. I looked at my phone. 12.08 miles!!!

3 months. Countless hours. Several hot baths. Much pain. Totally worth it!!! Now I just have to do that 21 days in a row.......what was all that I said about history making???